The Digital Scholarship Network Ireland (DSN-IE) is a national network to support and develop digital and open scholarship.  The DSN-IE brings together staff of the Irish Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM) sector and research-active organisations who are involved in the development and delivery of digital and open scholarship services. 

The aim is to encourage partnerships and skills development across all GLAM organisations in Ireland. The DSN-IE has been established by the CONUL Research Group with the endorsement of the CONUL Board.

The DSN-IE will be led by two conveners, Arlene Healy, Trinity College Dublin (arhealy@tcd.ie; Sub-Lbrarian, Digital Systems and Service) and Cillian Joy of NUI Galway (Digital Library Developer). John Cox (University Librarian, NUI Galway) is the CONUL board champion for the network.