The DSN-IE will act as a forum for discussion, harness members’ collective experience and expertise in projects in the digital area, and will develop and deliver a programme of work in direct support of a network action plan (under review by the network Jan – March 2021).

The aim for the first year of the DSN-IE proposes to: 

● Provide a forum for knowledge exchange between colleagues working on activities or services in support of digital scholarship from across Ireland, through online events and a dedicated HEAnet list; 

● Build on the existing work to establish the nature and extent of current digital scholarship activities, and the infrastructure and skills required to support those in the future; 

● Identify potential future opportunities for research libraries to support digital scholarship and researchers, drawing inspiration from leading-edge international initiatives; 

● Consolidate and deliver on an action plan of collective activity, to be delivered through the Network, based on the findings and recommendations of existing reports and surveys.