Skills theme

The DSN-IE skills group will create an annual programme of workshops and webinars in the digital scholarship domain while developing a skills audit template and checklist of skills needed to support digital scholarship.

Theme rationale

One of the core aims of the DSN-IE is to encourage skills development across all GLAM organisations in Ireland.  Digital scholarship can be complex and those working in and supporting this area within the Irish Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums (GLAM) sector and research active organisations need a wide variety of ever-changing skills to reflect the ongoing development of techniques, practices, and tools.  Delivering on the initial set of identified actions will support skills development across network members, and establish the nature and extent of the skills required to support digital activities now and into the future.

Theme outputs

  • Deliver an annual programme of workshops and webinars
  • Create a list of network members’ expertise
  • Create a checklist of skills to support digital scholarship
  • Develop and make available a skills audit template