Partnership theme

The DSN-IE partnership group will work to create a shared approach to Digital Scholarship projects and influence on a wider platform.

Theme rationale

The Partnership theme builds on the results of the CONUL Digital Scholarship Survey (2019). A further short survey and discussion with the newly established DSN members identified the specific actions and deliverables which the theme would work on. The surveys identified what members believed to be the biggest impediments to collaboration. Included in these was a need for a platform that would help promote collections to academics and researchers and reach potential research partners. The group also established that access to funding opportunities and timely information about those opportunities was poorly distributed within the Network. The theme therefore aims to develop a calendar of funding opportunities to be maintained by the Network. A longer term action for the theme is to establish a sustainable shared digital exhibition platform to promote DS using source materials from several member institutions. The platform will leverage the capabilities of the IIIF and promote its adoption and use in Ireland.

Theme outputs

  • Survey of funding information sources (ongoing)
  • Calendar of funding opportunities on DSN website (September 2021)
  • Survey of digital exhibition tools in use by the Network (Q4 2021)
  • Establishment of a shared exhibition platform (2022)